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How long will Allioli keep once opened?

We would of course recommend you use it within 48 hours (one pot seems to disappear pretty fast from what we have heard !, however, if it needs to be kept a little longer we have the following advice :

  1. Keep Refrigerated.
  2. When using DO NOT be tempted to double-dip ALWAYS spoon out the pot with a clean spoon.
  3. Make sure the lid is firmly back on.

If you follow rules 1-3, the product has a natural preservative (Garlic) and should last for at least 2 weeks.

How will I know it’s gone off?

Well, mould on the top is a clue… but otherwise:

  1. The top surface may become oily where it is separating (you still can reheat it at this point and use instead of cooking oil).
  2. The colour may go darker on the surface if the lid hasn’t been put on tight enough (you can reheat it at this point still and use instead of cooking oil).

Apart from the mould (PLEASE THROW STRAIGHT AWAY INTO THE BIN), it really is a most robust product and very little can go wrong…

Just remember it is so versatile in cooking that one pot opened shouldn’t last long at all!

The shape of the yellow retail pot – we like to say it has ‘ears’

This is typical shape of a Mortar, the classic Allioli was made by pureeing fresh garlic with the Pestle in the Mortar and then gradually adding vegetable or Olive Oil – a long and hard labour of love – to make the end finished product of Allioli. Now we thankfully have wonderfully quick machines to do the same process!

allioli pestle in the mortar

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